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  Golf in Brazil is in rapid development. More and more vacation resorts are constructing golf courses, and this is a sign of how the sport is evolving here in Brazil. There are, of course, numerous public courses in the country as well as driving ranges and high-quality courses in the large urban centers and at hotels, luxury resorts and several housing developments.

  The Brazilian Golf Tourism Bureau is a branch of the Brazilian Golf Confederation, and it’s been set up to develop golf tourism in the country. Created in 2003, the Bureau works with golf courses, resorts, hotels, golf tourism operators, air companies and service companies in the sector.

  The Bureau’s objective is to promote golf tourism by providing incentives and developing marketing. The Bureau is the main point of contact and communication between golfers, resorts and operators, and works to represent the interests of these groups and develop business opportunities.

  Another purpose of the Bureau is to create easy access to information about associated members so that products and services can be better known.

Focos de atuação:

• Promotion
Brazil as an international golf tourism destination.

• Training
Preparation of members to best serve golf tourists.

• Research
Development of golf Tourism data in Brazil.

• Worldwide promotion of Brazil as an international golf destination;

• Promotion of golf resorts to Brazilian golfers so as to increase national golf tourism;

• Support and orientation to existing resorts and investors in new golf projects to ensure they meet international golf standards. This will ensure strong growth of golf tourism and success for the hotel complexes;

• Representation of resorts and other suppliers in the golfing sector to all national and international tourist agencies;

• Establishment of norms and certification standards for resorts and suppliers in the golfing sector to ensure high-quality, international-level standards;

Development Vice-President – Márcio Galvão

Marketing Manager – Wilson Nogueira

Development Assistant – Fábio Stankevicius Manoel

Business Coordinator - Lilian Urata

  • Participation in Golfe Brasil 2009 publication;

  • Access to affiliate restricted area in the BBTG site;

  • Access to Golf Tourism Planning in Brazil made by IAGTO;

  • Participation in international trade shows;

  • Participation in Road Show (Familiarization Tours);

  • Participation in training programs;

  • Bureau/IAGTO Seal of Approval;

  • Consultancy to develop differentiated and specialized services;

  • Bi-monthly newsletter;

  • BBTG institutional support;

  • Indirect media participation and direct dissemination on the BBTG site;

  • Space in promotional materials;

  • Business mediation;

  • Contact with Embratur;

  • Access to IGTWA;

  • Regulatory Procedure and Classification;

  • Identification Plate and Certificate;

  • Tournament Agenda and Golf Events;

  • BBTG Management Participation in associates' events.

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