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International Association of Golf Tour Operators, IAGTO, is a world golf tourism trade association. It is made up of golf tourism operators and their suppliers to golf courses, hotels, resorts, air companies, specialized press, Golf Tourism and Associations. IAGTO currently has 1055 members in 73 countries.

The Brazilian Golf Tourism Bureau represents the Brazilian chapter of IAGTO and provides its associates with the seal of this Bureau which is internationally recognized for commitment and dedication to the golf tourism sector.

A IAGTO works as a “business networking center”. Its printed and electronic forms are used for contact with golf tourism operators around the world. IAGTO provides access to the most important sector companies and organizations as well as support and information service providers.

Here are some of IAGTO's current activities:

  • International Golf Travel Market (IGTM), one of the most important trade shows in the segment;

  • Anuário de Turismo de Golfe (Golf Tourism Yearbook), a directory with information about and contacts for the world's principal golf destinations;

  • IGTWA Administration (International Golf Travel Writers Association), which worldwide.

Find out more at www.iagto.com

  • To represent the interests of its members and the world golf tourism industry;

  • To create business opportunities for golf operators and partner industries;

  • To democratize and facilitate the access to tourism information and golf packages in all 74 member countries;

  • To optimize and disseminate the products offered by members;

  • To promote the implementation of the best infrastructure for golf tourism;

  • To promote the continuing development of golf tourism.

  • Discounts for participation in the IGTM;

  • Information and access to the main Familiarization Tours of the segment;

  • Acknowledgment that the member is a provider of professional and high-quality services;

  • Use of IAGTO's logo;

  • Identification Plate and Certificate;

  • Support for Business Development;

  • Access to the Mailing;

  • Access to the Database;

  • Access to destination search tools;

  • Participation in IAGTO Yearbook;

  • Space on the site;

  • Participation in the Annual Convention taking place during the IGTM;

  • Discounts for market research;

  • Weekly newsletter;

  • Press department;

  • Information on the golf tourism press;

  • Business mediation services;

  • Tournament agenda and golf events;

  • Consultancy by IAGTO's General Director in events related to the segment.

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