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Brazil receives an International Fam Tour with happiness and professionalism

Eight days of sun, lots of golf and stunning landscapes are an overview of what was Caravana Brasil that visited the Brazilian wonderful courses and resorts. This event was promoted by the Brazilian Golf Tourism Bureau (BGTB), that works as a body within the Brazilian Golf Confederation, in partnership with Embratur (Brazilian Institute of Tourism). The objective was to present the main Brazilian destinations related with the sport to the Latin-American journalists and tour operators.
The trip began in September 6th and the itinerary included places as Terravista Golf Course, Club Med Village Trancoso, Costa do Sauípe, Iberostar Praia do Forte and Hotel Transamérica – Comandatuba Island, all them located in Bahia, and Vistaverde Golf in São Paulo. Besides the resorts and courses, the tour operators had the opportunity to visit the beautiful cities of Salvador and São Paulo, always supported by Bahia’s Golf Federation, Bahiatursa (the Bahia’s official organism of tourism) and Spturis (São Paulo’s official tourism organism).
In the guest list the trip had important executives from the tourism market and decision makers that represent several countries of Latin America, such as Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and Peru. The present media praised a lot the resorts and courses in Bahia. “On this Caravana we had great surprises. We discovered wonderful courses and a great touristic infra-structure”, said Carlos Alberto Villavicencio, Commercial Manager of the Magazine GolfNews, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The representatives of the trade also agreed when the subject was to praise this Fam Tour. “I have no doubts that this is the first step to a bright future. Brazil has lots of potential with destinations that satisfy the whole golf tourism segment, bringing together resorts, beaches, business and attractions to the golfer’s family”, said Liliana Tolosa, Commercial Manager of Thesys Tour Operator, from Argentina.
So many good answers to this action let the Embratur representatives really optimists with the future of Brazilian Golf. “This first Caravana was a success. The participants were really excited and that means great business opportunities to golf tourism in Brazil”, said Fátima de Paula Pinto, South America’s Executive officer from Embratur. She also said that “The idea now is to bring a specialized golf technician to Argentina to train the trade about how to sell Brazilian Golf Tourism”.
The Caravana Brazil was supported by TAM, TAM Vacations, Bahia’s Golf Federation, Bahiatursa, Spturis, Club Med Village Trancoso, Terravista Golf Course, Iberostar Bahia, Praia do Forte Golf Course, Costa do Sauípe Golf & Spa, Costa do Sauípe Golf Links, Hotel Transamérica – Comandatuba Island, Comandatuba Ocean Course, Vistaverde Golf, Grand Hyatt, and the restaurants Dom Carlini, Dona Lucinha and Canvas.
Two more Caravanas are planned for the next few months: one to the European Market and another to the American Market. “Bahia has a great potential to become one of the main touristic destinations to golfers from all over the world in a medium and long term”, said Luiz Cingolani, President of Bahia’s Golf Confederation.


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