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Brazilian Golf Tourism Bureau leads British journalists to Bahia

BGTB in partnership with Embratur organized a Caranava Brasil to Faldo Series Grand Final, international youth tournament held in Costa do Sauipe In partnership with Embratur, the Brazilian Golf Tourism Bureau (BGTB) has recently achieved a Caravana Brasil with journalists from the UK to support the Faldo Series Grand Final in Costa do Sauipe, Bahia, an event that happened 25 to 31 October.   This tournament is the final of one of the largest global circuits of youth golf and is organized by the legendary British golfer Nick Faldo, winner of six majors (tournaments that comprise the Grand Slam of golf). This edition of the Faldo Series brought 80 players selected in more than 30 championships held in the UK, Asia, Europe and South America. This is the first time in 12 years that the final of the world tournament happens outside the UK.   Caravana Brasil aims to show Brazil as a golf tourism destination to important opinion makers from United Kingdom. The idea was to take advantage of the passage of a golf icon, generating spontaneous media and giving international visibility to Brazilian Golf worldwide. "It was an unique opportunity to show Brazilian Golf to the world," said Alvaro Almeida, president of Brazilian Golf Confederation, the body which is connected BGTB.   Professionals of BBC, Sky Sports, European Tour Weekly, Golf Monthly, Golf Punk and National Club Golfer participated of Caravana Brasil. Besides of knowing Costa do Sauipe, where Faldo Series was held, the journalists also visited Iberostar Praia do Forte Golf Club and ended the trip visiting the city of Salvador.   Caravana Brasil was promoted by Brazilian Golf Tourism Bureau in partnership with Embratur, supported by Brazilian Golf Confederation, Golf Corporate Brazil, BAHIATURSA, Bahia's Golf Federation, Costa do Sauipe and TAP.     CBG


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