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Rio de Janeiro hosts the world women's golf tournament

The main women’s golf circuit in the world – the HSBC LPGA Brasil Cup 2010 – will take place on May 29 and 30, at the Itanhangá Golf Club in Rio de Janeiro. South America will be represented by seven golfers. Altogether, 27 golfers from 11 countries will compete. US$ 700 thousand will be distributed as awards.
Of the seven South-American golfers, three are from Brazil: Angela Park, 21 years old; Maria Priscila Iida, 30 years old who plays the JLPGA Tour – the Japanese Women’s Golf Circuit; and Mariana de Biase, 26 years old, current Brazilian amateur champion, invited by the Brazilian Golf Confederation. The other four ones represent Paraguay, Colombia, Argentina and Chile. The United States is the country with more representatives in the championship: tem golfers. One of the stars is Ângela Stanford who by the end of the 2008 and 2009 season was among the Top 10 golfers of the LPGA Tour, and is the 10th in the world women’s global ranking.
The HSBC LPGA Brasil Cup is sponsored by the HSBC, Light, Autodesk and the State Government through the Tourism, Sports and Leisure Secretariat. Moreover, it is supported by the Rio de Janeiro Local Government, the Brazilian Golf Confederation, the Rio de Janeiro State Golf Federation and TAM Trips. The event is funded by the Federal Law of Incentive to Sports. It is carried out by the Brasil1 Esporte.
About the LPGA Tour
The LPGA Tour, bound to the Ladies Professional Golf Association with headquarters in the USA, is the main women’s golf circuit in the world with prizes that sum up to more than US$ 44 million. Founded in 1950, it currently holds 27 tournaments a year, in 12 countries. These are competitions that gather the best female players in the world, and who can only compete in the LPGA Tour events after toughly disputed classification tournaments.
*With information by the Brazilian Golf Confederation
Source: Embratur
Date: 05/2010


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